Greatness Exists in Everyone

The Autism Today Foundation helps individuals find their strengths, gifts and talents and teaches the world to better see and appreciate the value of every human being.

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Our Three Pillars

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The Autism Today Channel

Autism Today Channel

Guided by the autistic and neurodiverse community, we address your unique situations and concerns through an unbiased, curated video platform for you, about you, and by you with autism expertise from all over the world; providing a Spectrum of Solutions so that you can find your best path forward.

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The ARTS Network

The Arts Network

Showcasing and celebrating the strengths, gifts and talents that exist in each of us. Inspiring hope, happiness and financial self-sustainability throughout the neurodiverse community.

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The Learning & Education
The Learning & Education Division

The Learning & Education Division

Providing resources and tools to educate and assist teachers, service providers and families while evaluating the effectiveness of treatments and interventions to help products and services be the most useful to those that need them the most.

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